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Can I have turkey for dinner if my dog kills one in my yard?



by: John Clark



ROCKFORD, Ill. (WTVO) — Wild turkeys are a common sight in some Rockford neighborhoods, often wandering through yards.

But what happens if a homeowner’s dog attacks and kills a turkey? Can you eat it?

First of all, you shouldn’t let your dog eat it. According to A-Z Animals, raw turkey meat is likely to contain bacteria like salmonella and several parasites that can make your dog sick.

Turkey bones are also very brittle and can cause serious injury to your dog’s mouth, throat, or intestinal tract.

A dog shouldn’t eat cooked or processed turkey either, since it can contain additives, like sodium, that are bad for dogs and can cause pancreatitis.

According to News24, it is inadvisable for you to eat any animal if the cause of death is unknown.

Even if a turkey is killed by the family pet, it can become a bacteria factory if it has been left at 40 to 140 degrees for more than two hours.

With any killed animal, is always recommended that you:

  • Carefully inspect the animal
  • Cook the meat at the right temperature, to be sure it is cooked thoroughly
  • Practice good hygiene when handling
  • Store raw meat in the freezer if it’s not going to be used immediately

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